Language Betrays- Israels Pretence

Today after reading a rather dense set of readings on international politics my musings turned to the incredible connotations drawn up by the language and prose of statesmen, governments and media alike

Language is a beautiful and diverse construction that has been utilised by the human race to construct societies, ways of living, ideas, some even say religion. Its malleability and force is awe inspiring and the imagery single words elucidate has lasting impacts. The way statesmen and women, religious leaders etc have used imagery to explain or predict events speaks volumes of their actions and their views of the world around them.  During the Korean war the US state and its engines of propaganda in the state department envisaged “hordes of Chinese pouring over the boarder” as the marines approached the Manchurian boundary. Connotations of an unending supply of Maoist fanatics baying for GI blood comes to mind, falsely of course.

Other instances of this can be shown through the views by George Bush Jnr’s explanation to why two planes were flown into the world trade towers was done in the most maddeningly simple way

” They hate our freedoms – our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, our freedom to vote and assemble and disagree with each other.”

The emphasis on freedom here is painfully hysterical. This agency of freedom that George Bush believed was so attainable was clearly not available to those who did not fall into the ever increasing unemployed sector of US society which was, at the time of Bushs slobbering speech,  at a 4.9 per cent high. How can these Americans don a clown suit and join in the liberal democratic political circus in the United States when they don’t have the freedom to put food on their table?

I wish to now to turn to more contemporary usages of language and my own personal interpretation of one particular incident. Last year Israeli PM Benyamin Netanyahu imposed ten month settlements freeze in the west bank. Freeze, draws up imagery of an icy standoff between Arabs and Jews. No violence no peace, just a chilling respite. In my experience when something is frozen, it can melt, and this happens with heat. In the last ten months the heat on this particular freeze which is now a watery puddle came from the malignant Zionist project.

As the freeze was lifted by the Israeli government the rabid dogs that are the west bank settlers scurried into Palestinian areas in the West bank and began works on the building of 1,888 housing units. Netanyahu’s belief that he was taking the initiative is illustrated in his statement at the start of the settlement

“We have been told by many of our friends that once Israel takes the first meaningful steps toward peace, the Palestinians and Arab states would respond.”

1,888 planned housing units require a lot of planning and logistics. Over ten months’ worth. Netanyahu truly is a wonderful architect of the political masquerade and as a reward for this charade has been   presented a 3 billion dollar treat in the form of fighter jets from its economically ailing imperial patron. The patron as Chomsky aptly puts it

“might object formally, but with a wink, and would continue to provide the decisive military, economic and diplomatic support for the criminal endeavours.”

These criminal endeavours include the annexation of arable land and water supplies which is quite literally starving these shrivelled little Bantustans. The more sinister acts include the endless beatings and assaults upon Arab women and children in the west Bank and the ransacking of mosques.

It is quite ludicrous why many of us who sympathise with the Palestinian cause and fell for Obamas rhetoric and Netanyahus apparent benevolence. We were tired and weary of eight years of “war on terror” and the caterwauling from Washington that their poodle on the Mediterranean basin was the last bastion of liberal freedom in the face of Islamic based despotism. I don’t blame you, I wanted to believe Clinton and Bidens apparent anger as well.

However, blood had been spilt between Camp David and Oslo and between Oslo and the road map. The US as an intermediary does not have a molecule of impartiality and has always opposed, along with Israel, a settlement that resounds with universality.

If we detect the caveats that are laid down in the language used by politicians we will discover that as mark twain said “history doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme”.


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