Post Rwandan Genocide; Blood washed away with money.

There have been countless dark episodes in human history where genocide has occurred and whole swathes of human beings have been wiped out because their identity was not right. The complicity of external nations and international organisations in genocides is often chronicled. However, it seems that anything is possible and nothing is questionable after genocides even if those who stood idly by as it occurred can line their pockets in the aftermath. Rwanda serves as a disgraceful example of this.

In 2008 President George Bush and President Paul Kagame (former Tutsi rebel leader) met and agreed to a bilateral agreement to open investment. The treaty was implemented to provide legal protections for U.S. and Rwandan investors that underscore a shared commitment to open investment and trade policies. It seems that the treaty has worked, and no amount of bureaucracy in the U.S. or its neoliberal love child the World Bank has scuppered Rwanda climbing from 143 to the dizzying heights of 67 in the vaguely named “Ease of doing business” indicators within two years of the deal.  This all could not have been done without US help and involvement in the Rwandan economy in the last two years. If the United States displayed the same act of friendship to this tiny African nation in 1994, perhaps the creation of 800,000 corpses could have been avoided. Perhaps if the U.S. had not lobbied the U.N. for a total withdrawal of UNAMIR forces in 1994, had not refused to jam extremist Hutu Power radio channels the violence might have been minimalized. It’s astoundingly pathetic that the US state department can have bureaucratic infighting over the usage of the word “genocide” but have no problem performing a neo-liberal economic face lift on Rwanda. Rwanda has a duty to be perceptive to this thin veil of guilt that shrouds the more sinister economic motives of the west in Rwanda. The French in 1994 viewed the Tutsi rebels as a manifestation of Anglophile encroachment into French speaking Africa and so dutifully trained Hutu Militias to protect their neo-colonial interests. East African Business Week commented that the meeting between Sarkozy and Kagame in February of last year as;

“…good, timely and a welcome development for international relations.

Sarkozy in Feb. 2010 commented on the mistakes of France to halt the genocide, however stopping short of a full apology. Evidently that was enough to enable France to invest into Rwanda with plans for trade agreements and preliminary investment plans being etched out for early 2011. However like the ocean could never wash Duncans blood from Macbeths hands, no amount of Euros, Dollars or Pounds can wash the blood from the Hands of the International community.


One Response to “Post Rwandan Genocide; Blood washed away with money.”

  1. maternal hand Says:

    So I am confused . Do you think that the recent investment is good or bad ? All too little and all too late is maybe a cry from me howver I knwo that you may have a philosophical stance against any US /western investment or interference . Are you saying that the US should have intervened during the period of the Genocide? Would welcome enlightenment . Maternal hand

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